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BCT #22 - V/A - Spanish HC

From 1985. 6 Bands. 45 Songs.

BCT #22

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BCT #20 - Injections

From 1985. 25 Songs

BCT #20

Chris BCT Says:
Local band in existence from '80 to '81. We worked with Cliff Cunningham, a local stalworth of the scene who made the tape. I'm willing to call this the only non HC tape we released. It's certainly punk. Their 7" is on here (I think they did two?). Prison Walls is one of the great songs ever. I 'commissioned' this tape sleeve from our main punk artist for BCT, J. Yarbrough. We made a song title for #12 that was the same notion, "I'm Taking a Drug, It's Coming From These Speakers." Released 10/84.

Friday, February 20, 2015

BCT #19 - Indigesti - Sguardo Realtá

From 1985. 25 Songs.

BCT #19

Chris BCT Says:
This came out 12/84. It was, at that time, all known recordings of Indigesti. It's our only tape that's not very close to a full 60 minutes (maybe 20 also?). Indigesti asked us if we'd do a tour for them in '86 like we'd done with Raw Power and Riistetyt in '84. I told my then BCT partner, Christopher that after losing $5,000 on the first tour I had no stomach to do another one. He said we wouldn't lose money. We broke even cuz the U.S. band Follow Fashion Monkeys joined the Indigesti tour and we toured in their van! Made all the financial difference. I got to be on 9 of those days, another 40 day tour. Christopher was on the rest. Stiv of T.V.O.R., one of the world's greatest zines (Italian, in Italian) was also on the tour and a gal who video taped all the show. Unfortunately, she rarely placed herself well so mostly I think she got people's heads. Great tour again. Glad we did it. Our last.