Friday, March 16, 2012

P.H.C. - In A Straight Edge Limbo 7" / Pissed Playground

P.H.C. originally formed in Pomona, Ca. in 1984 as Pillsbury Hardcore. They officially released two 7"s, this being the first. Around 1987 they broke up with some members keeping the acronym and forming Pissed Happy Children. They released a 7" and this L.P. before breaking up. Good, tight, fast, straight edge hardcore.


  1. The band was formed in 1983, first release was a tape, followed by in a straigtedge limbo then the box set off Toxic Shock records, "budget ranch", there were several other releases such as on compilations (empty skulls, end the war zone, etc.). Pissed Happy Children also released vigilante EP and did the split EP with infest called "live and pissed" on slap a ham records)

  2. Broken Link for Pissed Happy Children