Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Editors Note:

From now until August Dr. Drunk will be going on a World Tour. A large portion of what I will be posting this month was found after searching the blogosphere for all the 80's worldwide hardcore I could find. Some I had heard, or owned, and some I had merely heard of, but the majority of posts will be newly discovered music. As a result, descriptions, if any, will be shorter and even less informative than usual.

There were many blogs out there that I downloaded from. Unfortunately I don't remember them all, but some of my favorites (from my blogroll) are DEGEN ERIK, CRUCIFIED FOR YOUR SINS, and of course the WILD DEVIL himself. And others that I haven't befriended (yet!) are VELA ESCOLA NOVA ESCOLA  and PAY NO MORE THAN. Check 'em out. They're good people.

So, I hope you enjoy. And, as always, keep searching!


  1. That pay no more guy seems like the french version of you...

  2. Thanks for the flowers, mate, I really enjoy your style.
    I think, Col. E.K. believes in the positive sense.