Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Trend - Too Many Humans.....

No Trend was a noisy group of pissed off guys from just outside of D.C. Hard to define and at times just as hard to listen to. The best word I've seen to describe them is 'cacophony'. Enjoy their 1984 release, and also check out a great article here.

You Breed Like Rats, And You're No Fucking Better


  1. I heard when they played shows they pissed off the harDCore punks.

  2. Yeah, I believe the were less than 'well received' when they played.

  3. I was pretty excited to find this here! Don't know whatever happened to my When Death Won't Solve Your Problems LP, but this will fill a gap.

    Wrote NO TREND on the rubber inside face of every pair of Chuck Taylors I owned in the 80's....and 90's. Now my arches have fallen and the hiking boots I have to wear don't have any good spots for graffito.

    1. Glad I could help, Freya. Enjoy! And sorry about those arches!