Monday, June 23, 2014

Re-Up Requests, etc.

Ok, I know I've been horrible at re-upping files after receiving requests. So this post should hopefully clear my plate for now. The following links have all been requested and should be good to go now. Enjoy!

And finally, here's a request from a gentleman with refined tastes. Here's the Dwarves and their smash hit 7" from 1988:


  1. You, my friend are a model of generosity. Big thanks for the warm teabag!

  2. For posterity sake I have to point out "...warm Tea Bag" was actually a 12" EP on it's official release in 1988. The 7" release is a bootleg re-release form 1994. I have both.

    1. BTW I'm here for the TSOL Live '81 cassette. Thanks for the continually awesome posts!