Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chronic Sick - Self-Titled 7"

OK, let's clear something up here. If a record, particularly a 7" EP, has nothing more than the band name on front and (maybe) track listing on back is it considered a 'Self-Titled' EP, or is the name of the EP automatically the name of the first song?

Exhibit A: Today's post. These NJ scumbags (and I mean that in the most complimentary way) released this debut 7" in 1983.

Clearly, I'm on the 'Self-Titled' side. However, most places you see this 7" it's referred to as the 'Reagan Bands' EP which is, of course, the first song. Well, no matter what you call it, the record delivers good scuzzy hardcore.

My Crotch Is Rotting



  1. I would always included this on my mix tapes back in the day, alongside the Fuck Ups 7" and Big Apple Rotten to the Core. If I had known of Hated Principles, I would have included that too. Thanks for the HP disc, new to me!