Thursday, October 30, 2014

Samhain - November-Coming-Fire

Besides being a pagan holiday and of course a world class cricketer (seriously!) Samhain was of course Glenn Danzig's horror metal band that followed the Misfits original demise. Personally, I always liked them although I do think our hero Glenn might've taken it a little too seriously. Here's their 1986 release and the last release before their break up. A posthumous cd was released a few years later, and of course Glenn and bassist Eerie Von went on to minor super stardom after that. I don't mind Danzig's first couple releases, but this stuff is so much better.

We All Want Our Time In Hell

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  1. I agree. Samhain is great. On another topic, I was looking for a download of a Rebels & Infidels EP, and of course I found it in your archives! Thank you Dr. Drunk for being a fantastic resource of punk and hardcore history.