Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Poison Idea - Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes

Here's another 'why did it take so long?' post. Poison Idea's 1984 E.P. sees the band begin slowing and "heavy-ing"(?) their sound on the way to becoming the heavyweight champion kings of punk.
As is often the case I've included the reissue with bonus tracks here. Yet another must-have.



  1. Yo doc! This blog is rad i didnt even know i could download these albums for months i thoght you folks wrre just talkin about cool records and i was stoked. I gotta say you are proof that not all record collecters are pretentious assholes, there are plenty of the "no i wont make you a tape it took me ten years to find this album find your own" type out their. Hella big thanx again and again

    1. Thanks Vinny. Glad you were able to start grabbin' all these. But just so you know I try not to be pretentious but rest assured, I am an asshole!