Wednesday, June 3, 2015

V/A - City Rockers: A Tribute To The Clash

Here's a mostly entertaining 1999 tribute. Damn, the Clash made some good tunes.And there's some really good renditions here. And of course some duds. Heads up, Straight To Hell cuts off. I might be missing a song as well. Oh well, that's punk rock.


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  1. This is my favorite Clash tribute album. There's even a song, and, course, it's rare to find a better version of a song than the original but it is here, least for me, well, I can't find it. This album has 18 songs. Here's a list of my other Clash tribute cds, in order of preference: PUnk CiTY RoCkers; Backlash; Police State; A Punk Tribute to the Clash; Muerte O Gloria; Uncut White Riot Vol One; and Vol Two; The Clash Tribute; and The Never Ending Story Part 1. I kept an eye out on amazon for all the Clash tribute cds and a couple were too expensive then one would get listed for cheap and I'd snag it. I still don't have the Rockabilly one and another one cuz they remain too expensive for me.