Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Motördamn - Over The Top 7"

What happens when legends collide? Well, this single for one. Back in 1979 Motörhead and the Damned found themselves in the same studio. And, as the back label says, "the seven headed beast" put down 'Over The Top', then Lemmy hung around to help out the Damned boys with 'Ballroom Blitz'.

Completely Sendspace


  1. wow incredible story and find i just so happen to be compiling all my Damned for post per a request at the blog

  2. There appears to be something wrong with the link. I keep getting "Temporary Error - Retrying" (with no results) whenever I click the download button there...

  3. I'm having the same problem as Mike F. I hope it can be fixed.

  4. Really? Not sure why that would be. Seems fine on my end. I'll re-up it on sendspace tonight. Sorry about that

  5. Mega sometimes stalls like that; try again and make sure you click the grey button to DL through your browser. This is a great single, thank you for sharing it!

    A very good documentary about the Damned is streaming on Amazon. Same director who did the "Lemmy" doc. After the failure of "Music For Pleasure" and the departure of Brian James, the Captain, Rat and Dave Vanian played briefly as the Doomed with Lemmy on bass before reclaiming the band name. I apologize if I am being pedantic with the band history and the download instructions.

    1. Cool info. I actually never knew that. Also, good advice on the Mega. But just in case, I sendspaced it as well