Wednesday, August 31, 2016

V/A - The Sound Of Oi

We end the month with another classic Oi! compilation. This one from 1987. Yeah, you know who's on it. All the big boys. And by the way, Cock Sparrer, I don't know... you tell me!



  1. Dr Drunk, thank you for posting this! I check your blog regularly and enjoy your posts very much. I am a child of the 80's and was in bands in El Paso, TX from 88-94 (Twisted Thought, MSF, Bandulu Station). I had all of the Oi! Chartbusters series but ended up selling them, like an idiot. By chance do you happen to have any? Would really be thankful if you could post some if you do.

  2. Check the comments section here!

    Though, volume 2 is down, because of the the "Plastic Gangsters" track.