Saturday, October 1, 2016

Venom - Possessed

As hinted at yesterday, this blog is going "dark" in October. Completely dark. Black, in fact. Full disclosure, the Black Metal genre is something that (outside of very few early bands) I never really got into. However, after reading a couple great books on the subject I found the whole subculture to be quite interesting. So I sought out the music and found it to be equally interesting. Certainly not something I could listen to all day every day, but the genre as a whole has earned a spot in my collection.

So, please note, I don't profess to know alot about the whole "black metal thang", so please no fact-checking. Also, if you're just plain not in to this sort of thing, well then take the month off. I won't judge.

Anyway, sorry to make you read. I promised myself I was going to try to avoid that! Enough reading, Let's get some Hell going down here. Venom coined the term Black Metal, so we start there. This is the bands 4th slab of evil, from 1985.

Look At My Eyes!

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  1. you should post that whiskey ritual/forggotten tombs split of gg allin songs.. you aint lived until youv heard a black metal bite it you scum