Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Ok, so a bit of reality today. The new month has brought me to the ugly realization that I have no theme for this month! That and I'm thinking it might be time for me to take some time off. Not because I'm getting tired of this, but because I have a plan. A BIG PLAN! So I'm going to dedicate some time working towards that. If it works I plan to unveil it next year. But before then I'm going to use this month to catch up on the million or so requests I've rudely ignored. I'll post a few starting tomorrow, then here and there throughout the month. And if anyone has any requests I'll either post it or ask for it from all our wonderful friends out there. Now, go back to what you were doing.


  1. There are about 5 items from the listing in the back of the American Hardcore book that I am missing. I will have to get you a list to see if you or anyone else has them.

  2. Any way any one has a copy of Maggot Sandwich "Zero Tolerance" tape?