Sunday, August 20, 2017

Playing Catch Up

Apologies for screwing up my normal routine. Here's what would've been missed.

Agent Orange - VD - Hello Boy Friend, Coming My Way 7"

Here's four cool songs from the Holland hardcore band Agent Orange. Originally released in 1983.

Let's Kill The Police

Strebers - Ung & Arg 7"

So here's another one of those bands that I love but probably would've never heard were it not for the digital age and punk blogs. Strebers were from Sweden and unlike other Swedish bands (Crude S.S., Mob 47, Anti-Cimex) they stayed closer to the punk side of things. Really great stuff. This is their 1985 debut.

Young & Angry!

Kaare Og Partiet - Hakekors 7"

Off to Norway now for some bass-heavy punk rock. Released in 1980. To my knowledge this is pretty much it from them.


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