Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Zero Boys - The History Of The Zero Boys

For November we're going to once again focus on the easiest and cheapest way bands found to get their music out there - the cassette. This month I'm wishing everyone a Happy Tapesgiving!

And we start the month with a slight carryover, the number zero. Indiana legends the Zero Boys kick off the month. Honestly I'm not sure about the "history of" this tape, but I believe it was a posthumous release in 1984. After their all too brief existence.

What Fun, What Fun, What Fun


  1. This tape came on on Affirmation in 1984. Doubt more than 500 were made, probably more like 250. It contains songs that would have been on their 2nd album, which they were calling 'Payback Is Hell', as well as some older songs remastered for this tape. My copy is #14 - It's a classic!
    -Anonymous John

  2. According to an old interview with the band they lost their money on their first record because distributors didn't pay them and they only had enough money to release the second album as a cassette rather than a record. This tape was eventually officially released as a CD in the 2000's. A couple songs from it were released on V.A. Master Tape comp.