Thursday, March 1, 2018

V/A - The Blasting Concept

As we enter March we find our first 'guest theme'. Our old pal Rocko thought this a good idea and dammit I agree with him! The theme: 1983. Damn there were some great releases that year! I had thought it a decent idea to start with, take a year and focus on it, but when I started digging, holy shit Rocko is right! What a great year for hardcore! Thanks Rocko!

We begin with this great sampler from SST which somehow has never made an appearance on this blog. This comp gives you a great taste of the wide range of stuff SST was putting out in the early 80's.

Blasting Concept


  1. Many thanks for choosing my theme idea! I look forward to what's in store!

    1. Hey Rocko, when you're right you're right. 1983 was one helluva year!