Sunday, April 1, 2018

Crass - Best Before...1984

Thanks again Rocko for the theme suggestion. As we put 1983 to rest for the time being we turn our attention to Spring. The weather gets nicer, the days get longer, the government gets abolished.....
Wait, what? That's right, we'll have no government this month, because we're spelling April with a:
It's Anarcho Month. One of the theme suggestions was crust, which we'll get to later. But I thought it a good idea to first delve in to where crust evolved from. And one of those places was the anarcho scene.

And what better way to kick off the month with Crass. In my opinion the sheer embodiment of Anarchy. This collection, originally released in 1986, showcases a ton of their best early tracks.

Jesus Died For His Own Sins, Not Mine


  1. The sheer perfidiousness of suggesting crust punk has a starting point. Hasn't it really just always been? Hasn't it Dr. Drunk? Please, tell me it has... I'm just kidding I remember it crawling along, becoming what it is. But I kind of want to call you Professor Doctor Drunk, since you know this information.

    1. Perfidiousness? Someone's been taking vocabulary classes at night. What are you, Greg Graffin?! But seriously, my "research" comes from wikipedia. I gave up learning shit long ago.

    2. Is perfidiousness a word? I usually just type gibberish because no one checks my vocabulary. I once told a guy he was an anal osculator because I knew he'd never remember what I said when he got home. That Greg Graffin though. Callipygian...

    3. Callipygian indeed. Not that there's anything wrong with that...