Friday, June 1, 2018

GG Allin & The Holy Men - You Give Love A Bad Name

So from Crust we move to... Crusty. That's right, we're going down in to the punk rock sewers this month. Kind of suggested by our good friend Col. Ed. I say 'kind of' because he suggested street punk. I'm guessing he was referring to more of a working class Oi month, but I took it upon myself to lead the witness down a dark and scummy alleyway. To be fair, he followed along quite willingly.

Whatever the case, check your morality at the door, because June is Scum Punk month.

And where else can we start but the top (or bottom, as it were) of the punk dung heap. Here's GG's 1987 LP. Surprisingly, most of the songs are about raunchy sex. And, because I love you enough, it's the CD re-release, with an extra 6 songs of depravity.

That Sums It Up In One Big Lump


  1. It's probably taboo for me to respond on the post I was shouted out on, so I will. GG is the best scum fuk every born to this miserable rock. And the best junkie I ever heard. I don't care if it's oi or shitting in the microphone like GG, I just like it. This last month and now this month, you may be my favorite doctor.

    1. Taboo? Nonsense! I'm actually more concerned that I merely 'may be' your favorite doctor. I mean, what's a doctah gotta do?!? But actually, you are my second favorite colonel.

    2. I like second. First place is too much responsibility. I'd like for you to meet another colonel. I'd be much happier with 3rd. You have only Doctors OF Madness to contend with. But, these last few months, you are eclipsing them.

    3. Sanders will forever be the #1 colonel in my heart. And I'll fight any man that tries to change it!