Friday, February 24, 2012

Chronic Disorder - Self-Titled 7"

 Chronic Disorder was a chaotic hardcore band from Hartford, CT. I really loved their first two 7"s, this from 1983 and 'Fred' from 1984. Both are loud and obnoxious punk rock. They released two full length LP's, in '86 and '88 before disbanding. Searching for info on the bands history proved to be a bit chaotic too. I was able to stumble upon some good info from the One Base On An Overthrow blog. It has some history, an interview and some tunes to listen to as well. I believe the band reformed in Washington state after the turn of the century to release a new album.

You Can't Resist The Final Line


  1. is it possible to re-up this and fred if you have it? much appreciated...

    1. And here's Fred:

    2. Hey Dr.!
      Sorry to bother you!
      Been spinning Fred Lately and wanted to hear this one. Looks like it isnt up anymore again. Could you possibly re-re-up?