Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nihilistics - Self-Titled

 The Nihilistics were a brutal hardcore band from Long Island, New York. Profane, angry and hateful. I liked it alot! They released a 7" in 1982 and followed that up in 1983 with this LP. That was pretty much it until 1989, when they released 3 more albums and a 13th anniversary package between '89 and '92. I love this quote I stumbled upon on Trouser Press:

People hate hardcore precisely for stuff like this, but the Nihilistics went far enough to almost make it work.

Fuck The Human Race


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    Bad Dirty Hate =>
    Fuck The Human Race =>
    Inferno =>
    Merry Christmess =>
    Fuck Guns & Roses, What About the Nihilistics? =>
    My Dog He Licks Me... (He Keeps My Body Clean) /bw Filthy New York =>
    Truth =>
    Vaginosis =>
    Al-Qaida Detonator =>
    ResErection / Slit, Slut, Slap =>