Wednesday, June 13, 2012

U.K. Subs - Tomorrow's Girls 7"

The U.K. Subs. Formed in '76, the punk rock elder statesmen have released countless albums. Although members have come and gone vocalist Charlie Harper has kept the band rocking for OVER THIRTY YEARS! Oddly enough, although I've always loved the band I never actually owned a Subs album. I did have the 'Left For Dead' ROIR cassette, but it was lost decades ago. I've got mix tapes dating back to the mid 80's with plenty tracks as well as lots of digital tracks from the legal Napster days, but no proper release. A while back I found this 7" from 1979 on a blog and downloaded it. So I now present it to you. Like most of their other early stuff, it's a classic.

Well I Feel A Lot Better Than I Did Before


  1. Can you believe I've gotten by all these years w/o ever having heard one song by these folks?

    1. You never heard the Subs?!? And they let you become Colonel?! You got some homework this week! Find! Download! Listen!!

    2. I have since done so, and realized I made such a flub never listening. Damnation... Don't know how I got along.