Friday, June 1, 2012

V/A - Punk & Disorderly Compilations

Here's a classic compilation series. Released between 1981-1983 the 3 volumes contain many of the heavyweights of the day. GBH, Exploited, Vice Squad, U.K. Subs, and on and on. Almost all the bands are from the U.K. with a couple U.S. bands sprinkled in. A nice chunk of punk/oi! history.


  1. This is dope, I just recently found these, in MP3 version. You do know the Punk & Disorderly fest is view-able on Netflix right now, don't you? It's great, it's like 4 hours long.

    1. Actually I didn't. But I gotta check that out. I love watching shit about 'the good old days'! Thanks for the tip Colonel!

  2. No failure with comps. and I'm grown up with these fuckers.
    Like the early DK stuff.

  3. Please re-up the first and second sampler...greetz from black forest ;)