Friday, October 12, 2012

Youth Korps - '82 7"

Here's some amazing non-stop hardcore from this short lived Connecticut band. They never had a proper release. This was a demo recorded in (when?) 1982 but wasn't released until '91. Excellent! Kinda reminds me of early Poison Idea, and you KNOW that's not a bad thing!

They'll Fuck You Up Just For Fun


  1. My fiancé is Edward Feltch, I love him so much and I am fortunate to know the man behind his music. Wedge is a pure genius and plans to release his current work, very soon,. Youthkorps was cutting edge and it's high time they deserved their "recognition" within the punk rock community!

    1. That's great and I also couldn't agree with you more. Also, congratulations! And I trust we're all invited to the wedding?