Monday, October 1, 2012

Youth Youth Youth - Repackaged

The few of you out ther that actually pay attention to this nonsense have no doubt noticed that whenever possible I've tried to follow certain silly themes as this blog progresses. This month should be no different. Since October happens to be the month of my birth I've decided the theme this month wil be something I lost all too long ago. That would be - YOUTH.

To start, I present the complete output of the Canadian powerhouse Youth Youth Youth. Originally released in 1989, this includes the previously posted Sin EP as well as two demos. Great stuff.

Politics Is Bullshit, And Anarchy's The Way


  1. This is really a fantastic record. Catchy, distinctive vocals. Fire in the Rain is so memorable - havent heard this in 15 years but it came back to me like yesterday. Really cool. Thanks.

    1. I fully agree johnny. They were a great band that unfortunately released all too little!