Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bulemics - Old Enough To Know Better.....

The Bulemics play a tough, harsh punk rock that I decided at some point to start calling Street Punk. Yes, early 80's Oi!sters are bitching right now, but I'm sorry. I think it's an apt description for the punk sound of the late 90's and beyond. So sue me! The Bulemics came to be in the great city of Austin, TX in 1996 and, in their words:

punk isn't about getting a serious sociopolitical message across; it's strictly a way to have fun, and their idea of fun is being as crude, tasteless, and offensive as possible. Thriving on shock value, the Bulemics love sick, twisted, dark-humored lyrics -- Satanism, drug abuse, suicide, promiscuity, and violent crime are the sort of things that they routinely joke about in their songs.

Unfortunately for me this is so far the only Bulemics record I've heard. It's great, tho!

I'm Far Too Young To Care


  1. The Bulemics rule, Gerry was a constant friend and tour guide whenever my old band Cocknoose would play Austin, many drunken good times were had thats for sure, check out Soundtrack to the Apocalypse, that's a killer Bulemics album.

    1. Hold on, Brad! YOUR old band Cocknoose?! Dude, your old band is (was?) frikkin AWESOME! The White Trash Messiahs! Haven't posted 'em, yet but I almost did this month. Would that be a no no? Either way, I'm honored!

  2. Well, i probably shouldn't call it MY band like it was all my idea or something, but yes i was Cocknoose's guitar player from 91 to 93 and 96 till we broke up in 2003, probably would have been a reunion by now but our singer has brain cancer and isn't healthy enough to do it, as far as i'm concerned you can post those albums if you want, don't know if anybody else would take exception with it or not. Thanks for the props, it's good to know that somebody out there still likes it.