Friday, January 18, 2013

Butt Trumpet - Primitive Enema

From the first line of this CD, "I love you but I fuck your friends", you know what you're getting yourself in to. Granted, with the band name Butt Trumpet and The title Primitive Enema one would assume it won't sneak up on you. Great, rude punk rock. For a little band info, here's their words:

We try to be an original punk rock band in a world full of clones.
BUTT TRUMPET was originally founded in 1991 by THOM BONE. Many former members of the project have spawned other great projects because of BT (an example: BETTY BLOWTORCH was 3/4 of a BT lineup that Thom built).
Our ONLY influence is life.
We copy nobody on purpose, ever (unless we're paying tribute via a cover song).
We are considered by many to be "classic punk" but it is there that any similarities end.
We also throughout our history have been the "first" to do many things. Some examples:

The first major label record to have an internet address on the cover.

The least expensive major label record ever made ("Primitive Enema" - $700 including pizza).

The only other punk band ever signed to EMI other than the Sex Pistols.

The first punk band to consistently have two bass players.

BUTT TRUMPET is the personal project of THOM BONE (and now, also KLARK KUNT), and has taken many forms over the years. It is NOT a band so much as it is a VISION.

Bianca Butthole - R.I.P.

Let Me See Those Pumpkin Seeds Now, Bitch


  1. Another good one, it's like your hacking into my hard drive.

  2. You can eat the corn out of my shit!!

  3. Screwed people shit-talks, just sniff the gurls panties
    CUZ this band ROCKS!!