Thursday, December 5, 2013


Phoenix freak Frank Discussion started the Feederz in 1979. Outdated but fun link HERE. And a cool interview with Frank from some ten years ago can be found HERE. as far as their releases, they're here:


  1. Many thanks for collecting and archiving The Feederz releases - definitely one of the most unique bands to emerge out of the US punk scene. Coming from England, myself and a group of fellow punks were obsessed by them back in the early/mid 80s - the Situationist inspired art, lyrics and theory coupled with their killer music was pretty irresistible for our young impressionable minds.

    I can't get the link for the Jesus EP to work, but I did find a working VBR link - at least it is there for anyone else who is having issues downloading it.

    1. Thanks tsp. I agree, the Feederz were definitely a necessary evil!