Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Undead

Original Misfit Bobby Steele has kept the Undead going for over 30 years. And here's what I have to offer:

Dawn Of The Undead

I Made A Monster 7"

Still Undead... After All These Years

And the following are brought to you by the great Brootlyn Zu:

Til Death!

Act Your Rage


  1. Act Your Rage + Til Death! with a cool cover of all you need is

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  3. THX!! Been lookin for this shit. The Undead are republican assholes now (We Don't Want the Poor in NYC from '89 is quite clear on the issue: rich people are shit, they've changed for the stupider since then, even though they didnt attach a political agenda to their hate of the ruling class in the 80's), but whatever the case Steele had a good little thing going '79-'89, even though he was never an original Misfits member. Franchè Coma played guitar on the legendary Static Age sessions (first w/ guitar), Steele stepped in '79 I believe. Lasted til '80/'81, while Jerry groomed the younger Caiafa brother to take over. Doyle proved to be a far more appropriate guitarist for the direction Misfits took late '82 up until '83 so I can't complain. I mean, the malevolent attack, brooding drone & staccato on songs such as Death Comes Ripping, Green Hell, Bloodfeast... Not really Steele's trademark. But Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood is how i define US hardcore at it best

  4. Shit, you're exactly right on the Misfits first guitarist. My mistake.