Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death - Always Out Of Control But Never Out Of Beer 7"

True story, back in the early 90's I actually won $5000 on a lottery scratch ticket. So I did what anyone else would do and spent a huge chunk of money on records. One of those records was this 7" released in 1989. I'd never heard of them, but how could I pass up a band name like that. I have to say I was quite pleased. Drunken punk. Anyways, in 2005 they released all their stuff, which includes this 7", their '91 cassette and a few other tracks on CD, but honestly I just don't think their other stuff measures up to this. So I'm just presenting the 7". Enjoy.

Drink Beer, Don't Go To School


  1. I actually have some self Released stuff by this great band.

    1. Cool. Care to share? Early period or late period?

  2. Not sure man! Yes I'll share with ya. Totally bad ass stuff. I'll get it up this weekend.

  3. Have not forgot you and the stuff I have. Soon brother sorry been real busy at werk.