Sunday, March 23, 2014

Verbal Abuse - V.A. Rocks Your Liver

Verbal Abuse has always been a band that enjoys a drink (along with various other substances). They began in 1981 as a ripping fast hardcore band. In the mid 80's they started leaning towards a more metal sound. Original singer Nicki Sicki left and was replaced by former Condemned To Death singer Scotty Wilkins. They then released this punk metal classic in 1985. Personally, I think it works perfectly. It's a really good "punk metal" album.

And speaking of Nicki Sicki, after his prison stint he reformed V.A. to tour with the old stuff as well as record some new tunes. One of those is a 3 way split released in 2011 with Scheisse Minnelli and The Shining called "Speed Kills, But Who's Dying?". Anyone out there have this one?

Skate Around, Get Some Beers And Sneak Into The Show


  1. Scotty Wilkins is currently playing with a cool band called Hollywood Hate, check em out. Would also really like to hear that 3 way split, love VA.

    1. That's funny, I downloaded Hollywood Hate a few days ago and literally just listened to it yesterday. Great stuff! I love Scotty's vocals.

  2. I dunno , I wore out my copy of this lp, still always like old VB better , seen them so many times. safety in numbers we'll fight together we'll beat the enemy instead of each other. VB originally from L.A.

  3. Could you please re-upload this?