Sunday, April 27, 2014

V/A - Cleanse The Bacteria + Mini E.P.

Legendary punk Pushead put this incredible compilation together in 1985. Lots of big dogs from around the world, including Poison Idea, Crude S.S., C.O.C. and of course Septic Death. I've also included the mini album that was included, I believe, if purchased through mail order. This includes 7 of the bands doing additional tunes.



  1. Thanks Doc, I like this months theme a lot, cos I love comps. Spent most of my youth listening to comps (and mix-tapes). Listening to one of my favs (NY trash) I remembered Even Worse. Spent some time searching, found out some interesting facts (Thurston Moore played with them before finally went on to play in Sonic Youth and so on) but didn't find their You've ruined everything (nice title btw) on GTA somewhere. Can you help me out?