Friday, April 18, 2014

V/A - 'Sound Of Hollywood' Compilations

Ah Mystic. I think hardcore has had a love/hate relationship with Mystic Records since they started pumping out (and I mean PUMPING OUT) records in the early 80's. But there's not doubt some damn good music has worn the Mystic label.Here's a portion of the 'Sound Of Hollywood' series of releases. #1 - Girls has some great bands but far too many Runaways wanna-be's. #2 - Destroy L.A. has lots of good bands doing mostly not great stuff. Not entirely a waste of time, but not the greatest. And #3 - Copulation is, in my opinion, a classic police themed compilation.


  1. Could you please re-upload these? Thanks a million!

  2. Have a sealed copy of volume 2. Occurred to me I had never heard it before.

    1. ...and that's the unfortunate side of record collecting.