Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Dirty Scums - Martens, Jij Ouwe Rukker 7"

Belgian punks The Dirty Scums started (I'm guessing on a drunken night) in 1981. And they've managed to keep it going in one form or another over 30 years. Not bad for a bunch of scumbags, right? Two angry shots at (I believe) Belgium's former Prime Minister.

Rukker En Klootzak

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  1. thanx; another new one to me. also for the negazione, obviously i've heard of them just not heard them: italian HC is a new frontier to me so cheers for the intro. these country-themed weeks are a great idea: eastern europe might be good for a few weeks. anyway my recommendation is Older than Dirt from Southampton England, as far as I know they only released a flexi, but were integral, with STE, to the local scene.