Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Sexual - Complete Discography 1983-1985

OK, let's ramp it up a bit today. The Sexual weren't around for too long but they made their mark. Like a punch to the side of the head! Heavy on the D-Beat. Heavy on the "Hell Yeah!"

The End Approaches


  1. Dang schoolin me on all this outa town stuff! I stumbled on this fuck ups demo on the youtube i think its hella rad you got/heard/want it? Reckon i could email it or something im kinda lame on this computer stuff

    1. Uhh yes please. I love me some Fuck Ups. Thanks!

    2. Ya you got it dude, how about your email address? Or is there a way to like upload on the blog page or something? Or you could prolly get it with a youtube downloder thing. You hooked me up with fu82 after 15 years lookin so i owe ya...


      Thanks, brutha!