Friday, October 16, 2015

Blowfly - Blowfly's Punk Rock Party

Something a little different today. Clarence Reid, A.K.A. Blowfly, began his career in the 60's writing hit songs. Then in the 70's he became the Original Dirty Rapper, rewriting popular songs with sexual lyrics. A friend of mine turned me on to him long ago in high school and I've loved him ever since.

In 2006 the world was blessed with this treasure. Blowfly giving new life to punk and new wave classics.

I was lucky enough to see him with ANTiSEEN during their 2008 'Gray Trash' Tour. By chance does anyone have the split single released for that occasion? I'd appreciate it.

And finally, this release was originally a CD on every bloggers nightmare Alternative Tentacles. However, the version I present here is the cassette release from Cheap Miami Records. I suspect this link won't stay very long. So when/if it disappears do yourself, and Clarence, a huge favor and go buy your own $5 copy HERE.

20 20 20 20 Dollars A Blow