Thursday, October 1, 2015

GG Allin - E.M.F.

This month the 'O' in October stands for 'Offensive'! And what better way to start an offensive month than with the Madman of Manchester, our old pal GG Allin. Originally released in 1987 with a horrible cover, this re-issue was put out in '89 with 3 extra tracks and a more tasteful cover. And on the back, this note:

"First of all this LP is not for the squeamish. GG wrote and recorded this classic after his inevitable divorce and break-up of his band, The Jabbers. Feelings displayed on this vinyl are anger, lust, betrayal; well, just listen to it. Retreating to the northern woods of Vermont and recurring daily intoxication, GG recorded E.M.F. This is a reissue and due to record company pressure, the original cover has been scrapped due to its pornographic nature. Fortunately the music is as it always was, is and always shall be."


By the way, does anyone have the following GG releases? I'd like to add them to my collection.
GG & The Carolina Shitkickers - Layin' Up With Linda 7"
GG & Evan Cohen - I Was A Murder Junkie, The Last Days Of GG Allin
or the split GG tribute:
Meatmen/ANTiSEEN - The Tribute With Two Heads 7"
Thank you!!

Wow, not bad! I've already recieved 3 copies of Linda and one of the Last Days. You people just treat me too damn good! Thank you all!!

It's No Romance




  3. do you happen to have this:
    I really miss my copy of this one

  4. Dear Doc, here is big GG ALLIN – DISCOGRAFIA / DISCOGRAPHY :

    And remember, password for all is: destileriasonora

    1. Holy Shit! What a collection!! Thank you Nenad!