Friday, November 13, 2015

V/A - Kloak Mix 3

This weekends journey begins in Sweden. This mid 80's comp does a great job of showcasing Sweden's rich hardcore history. S.O.D., Raped Teenagers and Mob 47 along with others. A great collection.

And speaking of Sweden's rich hardcore history, this tape as well as the rest of the weekend offerings, come courtesy of the site Swedish Punk Fanzines. Absolutely ANYTHING you want to know about the Swedish scene, as well as all the Nordic countries can be found. It's a fantastic resource.

Kloak Mix 3

Painful Haircut - 1984
Bored Of Directors - 1985
Burger Corpse - 1983
Corporate Thrash - 1984
A Piece Of Mind - 1986
Contamination Compilation #1 & #2 - 1982/3
Cursed Earth - 1985
Noise Behind The Iron Dustbin - 1985


  1. I am searching the lp :strebers öga för öga
    Great swedish HC

    1. There's a dead link over at the Pay No More Than blog:

      Perhaps he'll re-up for you. I'll look elsewhere also.