Sunday, November 22, 2015

V/A - Meet Cafe

Back to North America for this 1984 compilation. A good mix of hardcore and new-wavey punk. 10 bands in all, including Dead End, Fatal Existence and The Hates.

Meet Cafe

Painful Haircut - 1984
Bored Of Directors - 1985
Burger Corpse - 1983
Corporate Thrash - 1984
A Piece Of Mind - 1986
Contamination Compilation #1 & #2 - 1982/3
Cursed Earth - 1985
Noise Behind The Iron Dustbin - 1985

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  1. Nice one. I posted this one on my blog a few years ago. It was released by a Canadian fanzine called Meet Cafe and it came with a lyric sheet. I was in the band Fatal Existence. Next year I'm gonna release our demos on an LP.