Friday, January 1, 2016

Mr. Green All Stars - Seeing Is Believing

As we throw out the old calendars for new ones we've chosen to celebrate bands of the new millennium. To the best of my limited knowledge all January bands were born and maybe even died in the wild and wonderful aughts.

We start with a punk rock super group, of sorts. But don't just take my word for it. Read what this press release has to say about it:

"Never before have these legendary musicians ever shared the stage at the same time so fans will really be in for a big treat. Get ready for the funky punk/ metal lines of bass guitarist Norwood Fisher of FISHBONE? For the snarling blasts of thrash metal and virtuoso guitar leads provided by Rocky George of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES? Pounding punk rock metal rhythms from D.H. Peligro of the DEAD KENNEDYS and last but certainly not least, the jaw-dropping stage performance and vocal range from H.R. of the BAD BRAINS as well as vocalist Hawaiian Lyon from HUMAN RIGHTS and BIG MOUNTAIN."

Enjoy their ripping first (and I believe ONLY) release from 2006.

Soul Reggae Punk Rock & Roll

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  1. Wow hadn't heard of this do a great service Dr. Happy New Year!