Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Fallen - No More Control 7"

In the mood for some female-fronted hardcore madness from Kentucky? Well climb aboard! These guys (and gal) rip the shit out of this 7". Damned impressive hardcore... in size six boots. Does anyone out there have any more by them? This is all I've heard.

I'm Not Shocked By Punk, I'm Shamed By It


  1. hey, this is marky(drummer ) thanks for the review. we put out 2 demos before this, but tis was our best stuff to that date, we were all set for another 6 song 7" but inner turmoil within the band happened and everyone went their separate ways, tasha(vocals) and sammy(bass) got married and have a child now, neither play music as far as i know, chadwick went back to college to finish up, i have no idea what he is doing these days. i moved to cincinnati and started up playing bass again and now play in ABRAXAS (female fronted dark hardcore punk)and also play drums in a darkwave goth band called DREAMS IN HELL. thanks for digging the 7"

    1. Thanks for the info Marky! And thanks for your part of this great release.I'll try to check out your spooky new stuff.

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