Monday, February 1, 2016

The Almighty Trigger Happy - I'll Shut Up When You Fuck Off

So, a long time ago I stumbled upon emusic, the digital music store. I discovered they had a fair amount of titles I thought I might be interested in. I also discovered that at that time way back when they were offering unlimited free downloads for an initial time period. Needless to say I raped and pillaged that site, downloading title after title only to disappear into the night before an actual paid subscription began. They have since changed their policy to limit initial free downloads. I'd like to think I helped them make that decision!
Anyway, this album was one of those ill gotten gains. The Almighty Trigger Happy (or just Trigger Happy) played speedy melodic hardcore throughout the 90's. For me it toes the line between good and bad. It seems to me the attitude doesn't match the music. Gotta love the title, though!

Don't Wanna Think About It

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  1. They were from Toronto Ontario (Canada for those not up on their geography). Saw them a few times in Victoria BC and they were always a great live show.