Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bad Religion - True North

And the melodic punk parade continues today. Bad Religion released this, their 16th album in 2013. The sound certainly doesn't break new ground. But if you like the band (and I do) it's a pretty damn good release. And it's just satisfying knowing that Greg Graffin, Ph.D still enjoys writing lyrics like "Just say fuck you. Whatcha gonna do with that attitude? Just say fuck you".

What The Fuck Did He Say?


  1. Similar to NOFX, once BR signed to a major label, I could make a good 80 minute CD of songs from all of those releases. There is not a release during that time that stands out, but they all have a few really good songs on them IMO.

  2. I know it sounds like a lot of their other releases, but... Does that in itself make a bad band? AC/DC, Bad Religion, Gwar, The Dwarves... I think this is why I like Bad Religion. I know it sounds pretty much the same, but, coupled with their lyrics and their music, Bad Religion just can't go wrong. I wouldn't say every track is great on every album, but, they are all Bad Religion songs. In the end, what ever they produce is still better than Bare Naked Ladies... Right?
    I just don't see a problem with aggression or thought provoking lyrics. IN a world full of Lil Wayne's, Bad religion excel at good music.