Sunday, January 15, 2017

Misfits - The Devil's Rain

Ok, some of you might complain about this one. Yes The Misfits were one of the biggest names in punk. Originally passing away in 1983, they were resurrected in 1995 with (in my opinion) decent results. However this only lasted a few years before death came ripping once again. But wait! Original bassist Jerry Only once again reanimated the corpse, this time as a three piece. Releases have been spotty ever since. Here's their first full length release as a trio.

It Seems Like Only Yesterday


  1. I don't really care what anyone says. I like them in all of their forms. I also like all of their various solo efforts. It pains me when people pick apart music because the original members are no longer included. I think stopping progress (which is literally just moving forward) for nostalgia is lame. If that were the case, we'd never have any music. I'm good with classical, just not if it's the only choice I have. BTW anyone seen any of the stuff about the New York Hardcore Chronicles, by Drew stone? I know these guys are from Jersey, but, still.

  2. Excellent point, sir! Well said. Guessing that's why you're a Colonel.

  3. Ha, I had just posted a video of Michael Graves era doing a live song on a TV show of "Helena" on my buddies kid's facebook interesting post about how she had a weird name "Helayna" making it tough to find keychains, etc. something to that effect. I think it cheered her up but I didn't tell her it was the Misfits ode to an old high school movie I used to watch with my girlfriend called "Boxing Helena" as the lyrics seemed just fine speaking to her situation and cheering her up. I got to see Graves later band "Gotham Road" and I thought they were pretty good too...wonder what they are up to? BTW in that video even though the pace is a little slower in parts, when they zoom to Doyle or Jerry I think playing the fast part at the cut it is soo intense, I cannot distinguish during that guitar part from the 1983 thrash band...the Col. has a great point and I feel that same way when I try to post as many of a bands releases as I can find all at once at the DU blog...even the bad reviewed one's have great songs a lot of times.