Monday, February 27, 2017

149 Dead Marines - Gunshot Body Count Demo

Here's some good old fashioned 80's hardcore from the great state of Iowa. Hardcore the way it was meant to be heard. Or at least the only way a lot of the bands could be heard. The Demo Tape. 149 Dead Marines released this tape in 1984 or 85. And it's really cool hardcore, I think.

Whatever You Are I Know I'm Not


  1. Ah, haha, a controversial post :) I have both Demos, which are now widely passed around, but that was not the case up until recently :)

  2. Was always on the rare list, I was looking for it since the 80's. One guy said he had it, but he posted it on a racist website, claiming the band had ties to racism. Dude that posted it is a Nazi asshole from France who happened to get a copy of the tape somehow. I did a write up claiming the story was false, and the band was not what they were made out to be. But anyway, it was put online in around 2008, while it was on everyone's impossible to find lists. Then somehow the second Demo appeared about a year later.