Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Proletariat - Soma Holiday

Although the Proletariat ran in the Boston hardcore circles they were certainly not carbon copies of the other bands. Their sound to me is more reminiscent of some of the stuff coming out of Chicago at the time. Real "intelligent" stuff. Here's their first full length, from 1983.

No Lesser Of Evils


  1. Thanks for this one, haven't listened to it in years! The Proletariat owed a huge debt to the Gang Of Four, but I think you are right about the Chicago sound too. They definitely didn't sound like anyone else on the Boston Not LA comp.

  2. Might I add, even though this has no titties, I had never even heard them before. They are helluva good.

    1. I'm surprised, not about your 'no titties' complaint, but about you saying you never heard them before. You had to have heard one song... from This Is Boston, Not LA?

    2. Nope. You're right. Didn't realize they were them.