Friday, June 9, 2017

Killdozer - For Ladies Only

I always thought some of the best covers to come out of the punk scene came from Wisconsin's Killdozer. They always tried to choose at least one cover for each release. And in 1989 they put together this 'all covers' release, to the delight of millions (give or take). An absolute classic. Bom bom bommmm!

Naa na-na-naa, na-na-naa, na-na-naaaa


  1. Not only was this a genuinely great release it was also one of the funniest records of all time. Killdozer were a wonderful band.

  2. Dr. Drunk, you are truly a trooper! I've been following you for who knows how long and you're always there to provide the best bands and albums!

  3. Great record. And, after Marvin Heemeyer a decade or so ago, this band should have sold even more records..

    1. Excellent reference, Col! Not sure if he cited the band as an influence.