Friday, June 30, 2017

Undead - 12 Hits From Hell

Quick history lesson. So, way back in 1980 the Misfits began recording what they planned to release as their first full length album. During the sessions original guitarist Bobby Steele was fired from the band and replaced by Jerry Only's brother Doyle. That turned out to be the first shot in what became a decades long punk rock legal battle, and feud. In 2001 Caroline records  cashed in by releasing an unauthorized version of the sessions they called 12 Hits From Hell. That made sure the feud was kept red hot. In 2007 Bobby recorded the tunes with his band the Undead. Not sure how our old pal Glenn reacted to that, but I'll bet I can guess. So here's original Misfit Bobby Steele's take on the infamous tunes.

...Put 'Em On My Wall

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