Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy New Year!!

Well, Chinese New Year that is. Today marks the beginning of the Year Of The Dog. And to celebrate I've been posting as many Chinese Rocks cover versions I could find. That punk rock standard penned by the duo of Dee Dee Ramone and Richard Hell way back in 1975. A true classic. And there are plenty of cover versions. In fact, so many that I've decided to pop a few extras right here.

From all over North America. The North:
Boris The Sprinkler

and the South:

From the East:
Mudd Helmut
And the West:

The Roulettes
And even smack dab in the middle:

But don't think North America was the only place you could hear a cover version. You can also find versions from Norway:
The Carburetors
From Ireland:
The Groundlings
From Italy:
Mondo Topless
And France:
Freddy Lynxx

It's been covered by people you've heard of:
The Coverups (Green Day)
And people you haven't:
Ricky Loser
By old friends:
Class Of '76
And new faces:
And there is even this version:

And although this guy had a hand in writing it:
Richard Hell
And so did this guy:
Dee Dee
These guys made it a classic:
The Heartbreakers

So there you have it, kids. My tribute to one of the best punk songs ever written. Also, Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Hey, thanks! Same to you. I've heard some of those.

    1. A long way to go for a silly theme, eh?

      As Johnny Rotten said: "ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

  2. It is good that you have done this. If you look around you can find the Heartbreakers demo from when RIchard Hell was in the band still and it features a unique third verse whereas the song typically repeats the 2nd verse as the 3rd verse. The last lines are "I found that was happy to die and chinese rocks is the reason why". I'm Mike and I know things.