Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black Market Baby - Youth Crimes 7"

Another fantastic 7". This one from one of my favorite DC bands. "Youth Crimes" still kicks ass.

Now The Kids Retaliate

Offenders - I Hate Myself 7"

Throughout most of the early to mid 80's I was filled with a tremendous amount of self loathing. Not because I had such a horrible life, or family, but...just because. Every once in a while I'd find a song that I felt did the talking for me. The Offenders "I Hate Myself" is one such song. "Bad Times" is also a fantastic song. Play it for your Christian friends.
For the record, thanks to a certain level of maturity as well as a fair amount of medication, I no longer feel this way. I still agree with Bad Times, tho.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shit Fuck Hell Damn Shit Fuck Shit...Fuck!

So this is a blog, eh?
I see all the crazy kids doing it nowadays so I figured I'd carve out my little chunk of cyber-space. I've got nothing much to say really, and very little desire to say it. But that's not gonna stop me from talking! No siree!! And if, one day, someone were to actually read this utter nonsense, well it'll be their own damn problem!
What I plan to do is to eventually upload a large portion of my somewhat vast music collection. The problem there is that I don't quite know how to do that yet. But I'll learn, I'll learn. That way I figure I can annoy your eyes AND ears.
The title 'Dr. Drunk Ruins It For Everyone' is basically lifted from the Drunks EP of nearly the same name. A great EP from a great band. And why am I called Dr. Drunk? Hell, I can't even remember. Nor should you care.
There. I've officially entered the world of Blogging. Perfect timing, really, since everyone has already moved on to Twitter.
5 bucks says no one but me ever reads this!