Sunday, May 20, 2012

The News - Spread The News 7"

So, for those of you that have been keeping score at home, there's one state left that I haven't posted a band from (and yes I know I cheated on the Dakotas). That would be Wyoming. I spent plenty of time searching for evidence of 80's hardcore recordings from Wyoming and was largely unsuccessful. I did, however find this 7" from Wyoming's own The News. Released in 1978, it's their only release, I believe. Call it goofy punk, powerpop or new wave. Regardless, it is catchy.

Leave Them Alone, They're Alright


  1. Nice! Thank you, my man. I like the less hardcore side of Punk sometimes.

    1. Yeah, me too...sometimes. Guess that means we're getting old, eh?

  2. I do believe so. 15 years ago I may have scoffed at this.